What goes up, must come down…

What goes up must come down, in no more genuine frame than the climate, the ongoing sweltering summers and chilly winters. With the sweltering…Read the full article >


  Portuguese trade organizations APICCAPS, Anivec and AORP unite the best of the nation’s inventive outlines. APICCAPS, in partneship with ANIVEC and AORP, have…Read the full article >

Vietnam’s Cotton USA STM visits US Cotton Belt

A 17-part Cotton USA Special Trade Mission (STM) designation from Vietnam visited the US Cotton Belt. Amid its US visit from July 22 to…Read the full article >

Why Uniforms Are Important

On the off chance that you have started the stupendous strides of beginning your own business, there are sure components that are basic –…Read the full article >

It’s safety first for women in industry

Dr. Martens, notable British footwear mark, is bucking the pattern for women in industry, with the dispatch of its extraordinary women’s industrial gathering, offering…Read the full article >

Vikki has worked with Clubclass for 20 years!

Talk about dedication to the industry! From the manufacturing plant floor to the business office to out and about gathering our splendid clients. Vikki’s…Read the full article >

Sugdens Help St John Cymru Celebrate in Style!

Sugdens were delighted to be asked by St John Cymru to design a range of uniform that would be suitable for all to promote…Read the full article >

Carrington Textiles joins newly established PCIAW

Carrington are excited to declare that they have joined the recently settled Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW). The primary part particular exchange body…Read the full article >

Origins To Bring NEM Blockchain To Textile Supply Chain

Blockchain startup Origins is planning to change the worldwide piece of clothing industry utilizing the NEM blockchain technology. Starting points is building a stage…Read the full article >

Nike made a drastic change for its newest store, and it reflects how shopping for sneakers is changing

Nowadays, clients are continually longing for the following new thing. Maybe no organization realizes that superior to Nike, where the following hot tennis shoe…Read the full article >

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