Professional Clothing is a term used to cover clothing, textiles, accessories and footwear used in a professional manner, to aid the identification of a person or people within a corporate or team environment.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

A common misconception the industry faces is relevance. With companies across the supply chain asking themselves how is Professional Clothing and, in turn, The Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW) pertinent to me?

The term supply chain, meaning the chain is the link connecting the source of raw materials through to the factories where those materials are made in to garments, and the distribution network by which the clothes are delivered to the end wearer.

The reality is that Professional Clothing is everywhere! The workwear garment industry in Europe alone is estimated at around 40 billion Euros with around 51 million wearers (11 million in the UK and Ireland alone). The Western European corporatewear market is estimated at €3.4 billion with 44 million wearers and the demand in Europe for a multi-national uniform solution is on the rise.

It doesn’t even have to be a full-blown uniform ensemble, it can be as simple as a badge, a tie, a scarf, the colour of the fabric in an item of clothing that links you to the company you work for. Everyone has a corporate identity.

It is the young boy you see stocking shelves in the supermarket, it’s the banker you cash your cheque to, it’s your favourite hairdresser when it’s time for a new hair-do and the smiling faces of the airline staff as you board your next flight. It is the image you and I put on for work every single day, yet it is so easy to give it a fleeting thought.

Here is where the PCIAW comes into play, for it is the first international sector-specific trade body that encompasses the entire supply chain, helping shape the future of the innovative professional clothing industry and drive its development through the ages. Its recent launch took place at this year’s prestigious Professional Clothing Awards (July 20th) announced by renowned industry leader and former CEO of the UK Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT), Mr John Miln. And with it came the onset of the long awaited website!

The website is a pioneering resource providing a breadth of services which bring together organisations, experts and individuals from across the industry, to create a platform through which business opportunities, professional guidance and strategic support are provided.

Building a reliable, trustworthy and economic organisation representative of the businesses within our industry, PCIAW listens to members and addresses their concerns, and furthermore will only strengthen. The 8 directors chosen to sit on the PCIAW Board set its future direction, and we are privileged to have some of the best minds in the business leading the mission. 2019 will see the development programme of activities, conference, seminars and other opportunities.


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