Today the team at director-e are celebrating as the biggest issue of the year goes to print.

The June/July issue of director-e will not only serve as a magazine and show guide in one, but this issue in particular is special because it marks the first issue put together entirely from the new team.

Stress levels have been high in the Milton Keynes office this week; whilst our Managing Editor Diana de Oliveira has been ensuring all content has gotten in on time and everything is edited, subbed and sent to print, the rest of us have been somewhat winding down from last week’s judging day.

Last Thursday, some of the industry’s best came together to review and share their thoughts on all this year’s PCA entries. Despite a mad dash around Milton Keynes for a missing package and a collapsed clothes rail, the day turned out to be a success.

The hard work doesn’t stop there though. Now that the judging day is out of the way, it’s now full throttle ahead for the Professional Clothing Awards which is now less than a month away.

Our Creative and Sales Editor Nicki Flack has been busy building excitement on all our social media channels, ensuring that the biggest evening of the year will get the hype and publicity it deserves. It won’t be long before you see her stunning work on this year’s invitations either.

Though she’ll be leaving soon to start a new career (and life with her beau down south – lucky girl!), our Sales and Events Executive Louise Mills has been chasing clients constantly to make sure it’s a full house on the night.

Louise Joy, our resident blogger (that’s me – hello!) and Feature and Profile Sales Editor has been dealing with the nitty gritty planning side of things. She’s got five different Google spread sheets on the go at any given time, making sure we’re all up to date on who’s attending, who’s nominated for what, menu choices, table plans and, well, anything else you can think of. Just don’t ask her about her attempted flat plant plan created with Paint…

Emily Pearce, our Sales and Membership Executive for the PCIAW has stepped back from the awards and is concentrating on spreading the word all about the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide. She’s your go-to girl for all things PCIAW – but we’ll also be summing up everything you need to know about the much anticipated association in a blog post soon.

Finally, Yvette (who needs no introduction) has been overseeing her team, making sure everything is running smoothly and rewarding them with rum cake (eaten outside of office hours, may I add!). The lady is a force not to be reckoned with and it’s really no use trying to tell you all what she’s been up to – she’s been extremely busy and deals with so many things behind the scenes: so let’s just leave it as that.

Amongst all the work, the office has been filled with chatter about the awards this week – who’s staying with who, who will be given the task of doing everyone’s hair and makeup and, most importantly, who’s wearing what..!

The team can now breathe a sigh of relief watching the June/July issue go to print…before it starts all over again tomorrow morning.

Wish us luck,

Louise Joy and the dream team at director-e

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