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Kermel Europe

Kermel UK

KERMEL is the leading European manufacturer of meta aramid fibres used in clothing that protects against heat, flames and electrical arcing. Fire suits, station…Read the full article >

Klopman International GmbH

Klopman International, as Europe’s no. 1 fabric manufacturer, offers a wide range of fabrics for the Workwear, Protectivewear, Leisurewear and Corporatewear markets, available in…Read the full article >

Lenzing Fibers TENCEL ®

LENZING FIBERS WORLD LEADER IN CELLULOSE FIBRE TECHNOLOGY The Lenzing Group is a world leader in marketing and manufacturing man-made cellulose fibres. Our speciality…Read the full article >

Lenzing HE kristina +43 (0)7672 701-2331 (2331) Fax: +43 (0)7672 918-2331 Christina makreting collegue direct line- 0043 7672 701 ….(EXT-2300) Christina makreting collegue direct…Read the full article >

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